Best Knee Pain Treatment in Inspire BLVD

Knee pain is a common medical condition. There could be several underlying causes, for example, sports injuries, sprains, joint twisting, arthritis, injured tendons or ligaments, etc. On the other hand, injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments can range from simple strains to more serious forms of arthritis. There are times when a cause is unknown. Having knee pain does not necessarily a sign of a bigger condition. However, we recommend you to visit Ruhani Physio to get the best knee pain treatment in Inspire Blvd. At Ruhani Physio, we have years of experience in dealing with knee pain and other forms of alternative services.

As you become older, knee pain may become more common. Knee discomfort is also more common in overweight people. Here are some signs to seek knee pain treatment in Inspire Blvd at Ruhani Physio –

  • The pain is unbearable
  • You have swelling that does not cure
  • The pain comes back often
  • There is no improvement even after two weeks of over-the-counter medicines and exercise
  • You are unable to move your knee (s)
  • Discomfort while seating, standing, or walking
  • You cannot carry much weight
  • There is a burning sensation in your knees
  • Your knee locks, clicks painfully


It is always a viable option to consult with a professional beforehand and not to wait for the signs and symptoms to become severe. Pay a visit at Ruhani Physio now. We will assess your medical condition, evaluate your case, and design the right solution according to the needs. Knee pain usually goes away after two weeks. However, some cases may need a longer time.

Your doctor at Ruhani Physio may suggest you to include physiotherapy sessions along with other treatment options. He may suggest you to lose some weight, ask you to change your life style, not to put pressure on your knees, limit your movements, suggest home therapies, exercises, other alternative therapies, medicines, and compression garment or braces.

Surgery is not the first option. At Ruhani Physio, we have the right solution for you. Get in touch with us at, or call us at 905 488-0585.